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Welcome to our Southern Gun Company page - we have partnerd our selves with SGC to bring you a range of fantastic AR / Tactical style rifles at fantastic prices to suite your needs and pocket.



SGC rifles are custom built to suit you requirments to it is very tricky to list a price for the rifles but if you click the below picture and visit the gun builder page you can spec out your own rifle - once done simple e mail or call us with the spec and we will order the rifle and see what offers / reductions can be made.


Off the shelf Packages :

W22 Southern Gun .22lr Semi Auto Rifle




Calibre .22lr
Action Type Semi-Auto
Barrel Length 16"
Magazine Capacity 10 Rounds




9mm Lever Release Rifle Southern Gun Custom Spec



Calibre 9mm
Action Type Lever Release
Barrel Length TBC
Magazine Capacity TBC

308 Class Speedmaster SSR-308



This is a full custom 308 Class long range high performance rifle, availiable in all 308 case derived cart6ridge cases, .243 Win, 6.5mm-08 (260 Win ), 7mm-08 and 7.62mm x 51(.308 Win) with a superb specification, and capable of stellar long range accuracy whilst maintain a weight and balance that suits matches that require or allow bipod/rest/sling type position shooting. The standard left hand cocking lever that has always been installed on the Speedmaster model range can give a high rate of fire, but importantly allows the shooter to always maintain a head/eye position and target hold. When 1000 yd shooting is undertaken, the right hand cocking lever can be fitted and allows kid gloves loading of that extra special ammunition. The grip to trigger distance has been altered from earlier 308 rifles to provide a much more comfortable feel.


Custom Specification Rifle

Lower receiver assembly

SGC 308 Mark 7 7075-T6 alloy lower receiver 

Magpul PRS adjustable stock

SGC 308 class lower receiver parts 
Wilson Combat Drop-in trigger assembly
Magpul Modular Miad Pistol grip
SGC Ambi safety
SGC 308 Series big button mag release
Standard bolt release
Magazine 5,10 and 20 round capacity


Upper receiver assembly

Low, left side charging match upper receiver with match bolt & carrier (integral scope rail) 12.5 cm Stainless RH Cocking lever.
Standard firing pin
SGC Quick release Rifle  forend 12 5/8"
Walther  R50 Stainless bull fluted match barrel, upto 25.5" approx length 1 in 8/9/10/11.75" twist Threaded for brake/moderator, SGC three port brake
Assembly and proof testing of custom rifle
Atlas Rail Mount Bipod


Calibre .308
Action Type Straight Pull
Barrel Length 25.5"
Magazine Capacity 5, 10 and 15 Rounds