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Welcome to our Howa rifles page, we have chosen to work with and support Howa due mainly to its availability in the uk, cost effectiveness and versatility. This rifle has proven its self time and again for everything from the professional hunter to the avid target shooter, please have a look at the various options below and contact us for a quote or to place a new order

So How does it work ? The rifle (barreled action) is known as the Howa 1500 and is sold in 2 parts the rifle ( barrel action ) and stock this allows you to choose the correct barreled action and caliber for your purpose and stock or interchange them

for a multi role rifle

So simply pick the barreled action you want and then choose a stock stock..


Option 1 : Caliber

The rifles are available in the following calibers :

.204 ruger













.375 Ruger

Option 2 : Action & barrel

The rifles are available in blued or stainless and in a variety of barrel lengths from 20" to 24" with various twist rates depending on the caliber and barrel length you requite with different barrel profiles please call us with the cal your interested in so we can advise you on the current barrel lengths and twist rates available in your chosen cal

Blued Sporter
Around £530

Blued Heavy /
Target Barrel
Around £623

Heavy / sporter
Around £700

Option 3 : Magazine

The rifles come with an internal magazine as standard and shown above, the number

of rounds held depends on the cal you have chosen normally 4+1, however you can upgrade to a box magazine, this is a simple no gun smith upgrade, you simply remove the floor plate and install the new box magazine and trigger guard as show here -


Option 4 : Stock

The rifles does not come with a stock unless you have chosen a package deal, so this is your opportunity to pick the correct type style and color of stock for your chosen application and lets you customize it to your own tastes :)

There are 5 different brands of stock offered for the howa 1500 rifles i have listed these below :

















being creep free, crisper with lighter trigger pull and having a consisteny let-off, the new HOWA HACT 2-stage match triggers provide the shooter with the instant ability to achieve best accuracy right out of the box.


all HOWA's have a 3 position safety which allows for barrels to be locked down and also allows for actions to be UNLOADED while SAFE. Key for youth guns, climbing tree stands or moving through brush.


receiver and bolt are forged steel with integral bolt handle, bolt faces are square to barrel   chamber and bolt faces have excellent contact with recess. Hands down the best extractor style and design available. 100% Reliable M-16 style extractor. Our factory barrels are hammer forged and are chambered symmetrically at center of axis with head space set to stringent and exacting specs resulting in maximum accuracy and consistent bores.


all of our HOWA Short Action Caliber Rifles have the ability to be converted to detachable mag kits with Ammo Boosting status. From 5rd to 10rd options .......... and all can be done in a matter of minutes. Our conversion kits also work on all older HOWA models.

the HOWA rifles are equipped with the best stocks in the industry for form, fit, function and value.   
KNOXX Axiom S/A Black

KNOXX Axiom S/A Black

KNOXX Axiom S/A Camo



£45 - trigger guard
£54 - Magazine


Adjustable Hunting



Decima Hunter



Decima Sporter












Sporter Varmint