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Gunsmith Service :

We offer a full gunsmith service, for such things as repairs, upgrades, bedding, blue-printing, barrel threading, shortening and re-crowning and much more.

Please get in touch for more information and prices for the work you require.

NEW 2018 Cerakote Coating Service:

We offer the new advanced Cerakote coating service for all guns and accessories....

This includes standard colors to full cammo and tactical patterns. Below are a few prices:

Barreled Action one color £175.00

Moderator one color £75.00

Small Parts one color £35.00

for custom work please call me

CZ Trigger Kit Install :

There are a number of CZ trigger kits on the market some no where near as good as others and are next to pointless. Ours are made of hi quality components and made to much higher tolerances giving a much better trigger feel and pull and wont break the 1st time you pull the trigger the cost of our kits is £18.50. We can install them for you for £25.00 so for a total of £43.50 you get a full match grade trigger for your CZ professionally installed and tested with a guarantee.


Tactical Bolt Handle Upgrade :

We can upgrade pretty much any standard rifle bolt handle to our custom tactical bolt. This gives you a much better grip, easier cocking and un-cocking with a smoother feel allowing for faster re loading when speed is key.

Our Handles are made from aluminum and hard anodized then fixed in place with Devcon after turning down and re threading the old handle on our custom made lathe jig.

Services we offer :

we offer a full and extensive gun smithing service with a fully equipped workshop for everything from custom work to simple upgrades & repairs.

Crowning - Full £40.00 in store while you wait (see info at bottom of page)
Re-Barrelling with Custom Barrel from £POA
Re-Chambering POA (Average 4hrs)
Custom Modifications/Gunsmithing £54.00 per hour
Synthetic Bedding £140.00
Synthetic & Pillar Bedding £252.00
Trigger Work - Adjust £30.00
Blue Print Action £198.36
Add Recoil Pad £POA
Tactical Bolt Handle £150 + Depending on handle and work needed
Threading & Crowning for Moderator £100.00
Supply, Fit & Proof Muzzle Brake £300

Crowning Work - new barrel
Reaming Work
Screw Cutting Work
Re Crowning Work
The crown on a rifle is very important to accuracy, they can become damaged over time or in most cases poorly cut during manufacture to a 0 degree angle, we can re cut in store while you wait the crown on any rifle or pistol from .17 to .50 to a high grade match target 11 degree crown -  increasing the accuracy of your rifle or pistol

Our crowning equipment does NOT require the removal of your barrel scope or stock
and can be done while you wait in store (around 20 minutes) we can cut screw cut and non screw cut barrel

Factory crown
0 Degree

Valmont Firearms
Match Crown 11 Degree

Price :
£40 - 0 Degree crown flat face
£40 - 11 Degree target crown  
 £10 - £30 - SS high polish finish        

Re blue of steel barrel included Free

charge for a polished finnish varies depending on finish required from dull to mirror finish.
Matt (satin) Finish

Mirror (high polish) Finish
Demo Barrel - what do you think ?

ok last week a customer asked me to take some pics of my crowning to show whats involved - so i have picked a random cal (a 260 rem) with a random stainless steel barrel coated in some silver phosphate with an awful damaged crown to show what can be done - here we go

pic 1 - from factory - note the damage and out dated crown

pic 2 - now with a valmont 11 degree crown 1st cut

pic 3 - last cut to tidy it up she is now ready to shoot but note the un tidy edge with a small chip

pic 4 - now with an outer band cut to take off the sharp edge and damage and give a better look, this cut is down to your taste and can me small or large in this pic i have over sized the cut to make it more visible

pic 5/6 - now polished to a high mirror finish ( hard to show a mirror finish)